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Nestled in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Arteffects Media Group (AMG) is a one-stop media solution company for your needs. Established in 2006, AMG is an industry-leading creative media production and advertising agency. Lead by award-winning media producers, we provide exceptional media solutions for local and international clients.

Arteffects Media Group

Group of Companies

  • Arteffects Sdn. Bhd.
  • Arteffects Production
  • Haje Sdn. Bhd.
  • Haje Clothing
  • HH Production
  • Strumhit Entertainment

Arteffects Media Group


We specialized in Creative Production, Conceptual, and Copywriting for your business marketing purposes such as direct mailing, online/interactive, social media, outdoor & billboards, TV & radio, newspapers & magazine, and new media.


We provide Brand Strategy, Corporate Communications, PR, and Graphic Designs for your business, including logos, brochures, business cards & stationaries, newsletters & print ads, and new media including web, mobile, social media, inbound marketing, SEO, pay-per-click, and many more.


We are an award-winning audio production company with state of the art facilities, ready to elevate your commercial projects including feature-film scoring and soundtracks, musical compositions, jingles, voice-over, music arrangement, live music production and many more.


We are your one-stop center for your visual production needs, including video production, key visual, graphic & animation, storyboard, and many more. We are schooled and skilled in both modern and traditional forms of visual designs and ready to deliver uber-sophisticated with an international standard for you.

Recording Studio

Arteffects gained its popularity as having one of the finest recording facilities in Malaysia. Our recording suites include mixing and mastering studios and a recording room. The recording suites were specifically constructed to accommodate detailed requirements for music production.

Marketing & Distribution

At AMG, we partnered with international distribution companies such as Sony Music Entertainment (SME), Warner Music Group (WMG), Universal Music Group (UMG), Believe Digital and CD Baby to deliver digital music to you. We are also working closely with media companies from all across the globe to make sure the project is well marketed and promoted through our extensive PR campaigns.

Licensing & Publishing

To protect all parties, we are the associate members of this licensing associations and companies such as MACP (Music Authors Copyright Protection), PPM (Public Performance Malaysia) and RPM (Recording Performer Malaysia).

I am positive about success. It's not really about the price; value matters.

Hafiz HamidunCEO, Arteffects Media Group

Studio Rate Card

Audio Recording, Video Shoot and Practice Space


3 hours / day


6 hours / day


12 hours / day